Amsterdam All Acrylics Markers

Everyone has something creative in them. AMSTERDAM believes in the artist; the artist who opens up his eyes and has the courage to go for it. Who transforms dreams into creations. Use an idea, a vision. Look around you. Surprise and amaze yourself. Dare to dream in color. The new acrylic markers of AMSTERDAM can help you in this. You can use them quickly and directly!

Just like AMSTERDAM acrylic colors, there are both opaque and transparent colors. They are water-based and dry quickly. This allows you to wash your drawing using a brush or sponge, providing the paint is still wet. The markers are also highly suitable for applying your first line drawing. This makes AMSTERDAM markers perfect for expressing your ideas and thoughts in color.


The AMSTERDAM markers are available in 46 colors and 3 sizes: Small (round, 2 mm), Medium (round, 4 mm) and Large (square, 15 mm). Small 30 colors Medium 46 colors Large 20 colors. All points are reversible and exchangeable. So allow yourself to be inspired. Start using acrylic markers of AMSTERDAM today.

For more information, read the Product leaflet here or purchase the Limited Edition Tin today!

August 09, 2015 by CzipLee Malaysia
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