Pilot Kaküno Fountain Pen

Pilot Kaküno Fountain Pen is the happiest fountain pen nib we know! Pilot Kaküno makes learning easier with a smile.

The first pen that writes, rhymes and smiles.

The first time you rode a bike – the first time you learnt to swim – or even your first kiss… The very first time you do something is often a joyful learning experience that helps you grow. That’s why Pilot created Kaküno — a fountain pen available in a selection of rainbow colours with a fine (F) or medium (M) nib. Thanks to Kaküno’s comfortable, ergonomic shape, children find that learning to write beautifully is easy and fun. And the little Kaküno face engraved on each nib helps them hold the pen correctly, so they always associate happy writing with happy learning! Perfect for the bigger children (adults) to ease them into the world of fountain pens too!


2 series
  • FKA-1SR (Japan) models are supplied with a sample black ink cartridge (Pilot IC-50 ink cartridges) and can also be fitted with an optional Pilot CON-20 or CON-50 converter for used with bottled ink. (Pilot Parallel Pen uses the same ink cartridge size!)
    • FDKA-1SR (International) models are supplied with a sample black ink cartridge and a converter (International standards)

        "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and with all these great colours and features, there's definitely a Kakuno for everyone to write!

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        September 27, 2015 by CzipLee Malaysia
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