Mininch Tool Pens - make everything beautiful

Mininch Tool Pens - make everything beautiful

We use tools very often to loosen bolts, tighten screws, or to repair things - but we always store these tools in a drawer somewhere because most tools are heavy, bulky, and not to mention - ugly. You don't want to carry them in your bag or pocket, and even less so showing them off to others.

Enter the mininch line of Tool Pens, inspired by the "Pop-A-Point" rainbow pen & mechanical pencil (you'll be sure to remember owning one and playing with this quirky pen as a kid) - mininch found a smart way to collect and swap bits in an easier and more flexible way. With similar methods of replacing refills, simply insert and interchange demanding bits into the pen. All parts are compactly organized inside and you'll never have to worry about losing any - bravo!


mininch Tool Pen

The mininch Tool Pen has a solid aluminium housing. Each pen comes with 6 bits, and each bit is layered over the next in a tailor-made hexagon barrel. There are 22 most popular types of bits that you can choose, including Slotted (Flat), Phillips, Metric Hexagon (Hex), Imperial Hexagon (Hex), Star, Robertson (Square), and Pozidrive (Pozi) etc; all are constructed from high-quality, milled SAE 8660. This variety allows you to work with the bits that fit your bike, furniture, cabinet, laptop, electronics, hinge and latch, outdoor equipment, and general household essentials - anytime and anywhere.

The Tool Pen comes in three colours and is also subtly gorgeous; you'll ignore the fact that it's a tool and feel like you're holding a swanky writing instrument instead. 


mininch Tool Pen mini

The mini version of the Tool Pen, which still stay maintains the “Pop-A-Point” design of  the Tool Pen. Rather than carrying many screwdrivers or a box full of bits, now you can flexibly collect and interchange all the bits you need, like replacing refills of a pen. The bits will be compactly stacked within the barrel, and cycling through them is fast & simple. It’s lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it around and use it on the go.



One of the best things is all great features are retained. The bits sizes & icons are printed on all sides, and the window shows which ones are inside. The cap contains a strong built-in magnet as well, to prevent leads getting damaged and to protect you from accidentally being accidentally injured. What’s more, there is an added pocket “Clip” on the cap of the Tool Pen mini. 



Each Tool Pen Mini holds up to 5 bits and are housed in the same sand-blasted aluminium finish as the Tool Pen. The materials of the precision bits have been upgraded to higher quality "S2 TOOL STEEL" which are harder, stronger, and super durable for frequent use. There’re 21 types of bits that applied to Slotted (Flat), Phillips, Star (Torx), Torx Security, Hexagon (Hex), Square, and Pentalobe screws.

You can flexibly work on fixing multiple devices including small electronics, game console, laptop, tablet PC, mobile phone, toys, Meccano, music equipment, glasses, wristwatch, appliances, remote controller, as well as many household gadgets & personal ornaments etc. with a single “all-in-one” pen anytime & anywhere.

WRENCHit - Turning Smart

WRENCHit is a portable and multi-functional spanner, but one that's totally different from every other you've seen before. Inheriting the same "Pop-A-Point" design as the Tool Pens, WRENCHit lets you select and interchange the wrenches with different sizes and shapes. 

With a tough yet pocket-friendly wrench channel (sleeve), it allows you to slide the wrenches in and out very smoothly, and the sleeve will also offer a sturdy arm for applying torque to turn objects.

This one-stop toolbox will eliminate many spanners or toolkits you need to carry, thereby you’ll enjoy the handy and deft construction, as well as its convenience and flexibility.

Each WRENCHit carries up to 5 wrenches, and the sleeve and each wrench part is made of high-grade "SUS 420 Stainless Steel" with a sandblasted finish, which makes this powerful tool strong and durable with a well-balanced heft and strength. Besides that, the size and specifications are engraved on each wrench letting you effortlessly find the one you need and its position on the sleeve. 

Aesthetically neat and simple, you'll appreciate its lightweight but catch-all implement, so you can casually carry it with you on the go. Swapping wrenches will allow you to do everything from turning various nuts and bolts for your furniture, bike, appliances, to many sport equipment and household gadgets.

View the range of mininch tools and pre-order yours here!

September 08, 2017 by CzipLee Malaysia
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