KOKUYO Dotliner Campus Fit-Pink 7mmx8.5M


  • Brand: KOKUYO Japan
  • Product Code: TA-DM490-07P
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Glue Tapes & Pens

The Kokuyo CAMPUS DOT LINER FITS Glue Tape features the peelable glue tape, it allows you to reposition glued sheets within approx. 1 hour and it will stick firmly after a hour. For example, when you layout data sheets in your notebook, it is convenience for you to glue the data sheet, peel them off and reposition them easily. In addition, because of quiet clicking sound, you never annoy people around you in the classroom or library when you use the glue tape. Also, it is safely protected from dust by a compact case, you can keep the glue tape in your pen case or in the tray.