MIDORI 2020 Double Schedule Diary B6 Beige


  • Brand: MIDORI
  • Product Code: 27825006
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A diary notebook that can manage two schedules in one book. The “Magic Index” (patented) feature, is where the page that opens changes at the position where you hold it, allowing you to quickly compare the two schedules. In addition to the distinction between work and private, there are various ways to use this diary, such as schedules for obtaining qualifications, health management, or as a personal diary. The biggest feature of “Double Schedule” is that “Monthly blocks” of the same month, which are color-coded in red and blue, appear two pages at a time. If you turn the red “January”, the blue “January” appears on the next page. For example, you can manage different schedules for each color, such as “business” for red and “private” for blue. Use of pages is very easy! Pressing the lower red index opens the “red” page, and pressing the upper gray index opens the “blue” page. Also, pressing the white index between red and gray will open “red” and “blue” pages alternately. “Monthly Block” page focuses on ease of use and ease of use. The list calendar on the left side is useful for writing schedules that you want to make separate frames and for rough schedule management. In addition, the monthly block with ruled lines is easy to write and has the effect of making it easier to see because the characters are aligned. It is a functional format that focuses on ease of use, such as memo spaces and calendars for the next month. Made with MD paper, so fountain pens are less likely to bleed or show through. Visit this Youtube link for a better look at how this diary works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCRUq0fASfo.