MIDORI 2023 Double Schedule Progress Diary A5 Navy


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  • Product Code: 27831006
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A diary notebook that can manage multiple projects and your schedule in one book. The “Magic Index” (patented) feature, is where the page that opens changes at the position where you hold it, allowing you to see your project status and personal schedule easily. On the Gantt chart type project page, you can manage by project by “project name”, “task”, “company name”, etc., as well as the progress of “team member name”, schedules such as “school events”, “learning events” It can be widely used outside of business, such as collective management. The monthly block page and the project page for managing multiple projects are alternated, and if you turn the “Monthly Monthly Block” page in the red index, the next page will have the “January Project” page in the gray index Will appear. Use of pages is very easy! Pressing the lower red index opens the “red” page, and pressing the upper gray index opens the “blue” page. Also, pressing the white index between red and gray will open “red” and “blue” pages alternately. The monthly block page focuses on ease of use. The list calendar on the left side is useful for writing schedules that you want to make separate frames and for rough schedule management. In addition, the monthly block with ruled lines is easy to write and has the effect of making it easier to see because the characters are aligned. It is a functional format that focuses on ease of use, such as memo spaces and calendars for the next month. A project page of the Gantt chart type where the horizontal axis is the date and the vertical axis is the schedule column for each item. The good point of this format is that the schedule of each project is easy to understand at a glance. Up to 10 items can be managed. Visit this Youtube link for a better look at how this diary works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCRUq0fASfo.