MIDORI MD Journal Notebook A5 Frame


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MD Notebook's popular frame format journal released as part of their 10th Anniversary collection, is now a permanent addition to the MD Notebook range. The small box on top of each page lets you fill in the title and date of the page, making it perfect for research or sketch notes. When you “note” something, you are actively perceiving or noticing certain features. In the course of their daily lives people note their perceptions in words, diagrams or pictures. A notebook is the medium that people use to record their perceptions, and our hope is that it is always close at hand for the user to open and write in. When you write something down, you want to record and maintain the feeling of the moment. That is why Midori's notebooks are simplicity itself. The blank notebook is the ideal format for writing down ideas freely as they come to you, or even using a double page as a canvas for your thoughts.