MIDORI MD Notebook A6 Gridded


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Tags: Sewn & Glued Notebooks & Notepads

When you “note” something, you are actively perceiving or noticing certain features. In the course of their daily lives people note their perceptions in words, diagrams or pictures. A notebook is the medium that people use to record their perceptions, and our hope is that it is always close at hand for the user to open and write in. When you write something down, you want to record and maintain the feeling of the moment. That is why Midori's notebooks are simplicity itself. The grid format features a 5mm square grid based on old Japanese manuscript paper. The grid is characterized by the small gaps between the squares. There is also a mark every five or ten squares to make counting characters even easier. The light blue grid lines do not distract from your writing or sketches. All MD Notebooks come with index label stickers designed to match the simple and pure cover, which is bound only with a cheesecloth mesh tape.