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Take good care of your jeans and dress your notes in style. The incredible story of denim culture spans centuries: from Genoese sailors to trail-blazing 19th century adventurers in the wild west and bohemians experimenting with alternative lifestyles in the 1960s, right up to the countless ways the fabric is interpreted and hacked today by designers and Generation Z . High-end fashion to practical work wear; mom jeans to self-conscious teens. Ubiquitous and democratic. Denim may fade, but its popularity never does. The history of Moleskine is also one of discovery, vision and the freedom to interpret and express personal identity. The Moleskine Denim Notebook Collection reflects and celebrates these shared values of exploration, free-spirited creativity and self-expression. This particular Denim Notebook celebrates Japanese denim, which is famous for its breathtaking attention to detail and rigorous quality. With craftsmanship that is considered an art form, Japanese denim is among the most sought after in the world.