MIDORI Electrostatic Wall Sticker Speech Balloon


  • Brand: MIDORI
  • Product Code: 84803006
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Decorate your wall with stickers that won't stain! Turn your wall into a scrapbook with these wall stickers which you can directly write on using opaque ink. Use them as labels too. How to use: 1. Paste it on the wall using the sticker's electrostatic force, 2. Adjust the position by sliding the sticker around. If you peel the sticker off the wall to adjust the position, the static electricity will decrease, 3. Adjust to your preferred position! Recommended adhesivable materials: Glass and mirrors, Wooden furniture and doors, Concrete, Resin such as plastic and acrylic, Metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Wallpaper that has an even surface. Not recommended for surfaces such as: Sand walls and soil walls, Any uneven surfaces, Glass with Mesh, Fabrics, Fluffy materials. Not reusable, once static electricity is lost it cannot be regenerated. 4 sheets in total.