MIDORI MD Goat Leather Cover


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People always seem to want to treasure their notebooks, into which they have written points to remember, their flashes of inspiration and cherished memories. This is why Midori has created a series of covers for MD Notebooks, available in three different materials: goat leather, thick Cordoba paper, and transparent vinyl. All of these covers will protect your notebook without detracting from its character: simple and subtle. This goat leather is sourced from goats that live in the high mountains of Central Asia. Although highly supple, flexible and light, it is also very tough. Designed to fit your notebook perfectly, it is made from a single piece of leather. This is why although there may be blemishes or imperfections on the surface that are unique to leather, the finish is one of simplicity, with no coloring or backing cloth added. Inside the cover is an attached pen holder. This is a small innovation to ensure that there is no unevenness when you write. To insert the pen, simply pull up the holder and slide it in.