FIELD NOTES QE Campfire 3-Pack


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Field Notes’ 35th Quarterly Edition celebrates a chemical process we witness nearly every day, but rarely take the time to appreciate. Fire gives us heat and light. Fire can frighten and endanger us. With a bit of olive oil, it makes asparagus palatable. But in its most primal, elemental state, it inspires us to gather around and watch it while we share stories, ideas and friendship. We hope these memo books will inspire you to spend some time gazing into a fire this summer. It’s ridiculously satisfying to collect some wood, carefully build it into an attractive structure, then watch the dramatic light show as it burns away into smoke and ash, leaving no trace. The body pages are white Finch Opaque 60#T ruled with our 3/16" graph, each featuring a different ink color matched to the inside cover. The books are bound with gold staple wire. A handsome 2-1/4" patch inspired by merit badges is included with every 3-pack. We hope you'll wear yours, and that the Summer 2017 Field Notes come in handy as you become a true Campfire Master.