MOLESKINE LE Astro Boy L Ruled Dark Grey Dark Grey


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Moleskine pays homage to Astro Boy, Japanese cultural icon and one of the most well-known anime characters of all time. This dark grey Astro Boy Limited Edition Notebook celebrates the genius of Osamu Tezuka, the writer and illustrator of the original manga series and anime. The front cover features Astro Boy jetting into action, with Tezuka’s characteristic use of kinetic lines creating a sense of sweeping movement right across the cover. Today, Astro Boy is as popular as ever, both in Japan and around the world, with vast fan communities who gather to celebrate the universal appeal of this incredible cultural phenomenon. This notebook pays tribute to the world of Astro Boy with themed inner pages, stickers and a reusable paperband B-Side. This Astro Boy Limited Edition Notebook invites you to express your own uniquely creative super powers on the ruled pages inside. Hard cover with Astro Boy Limited Edition theme, rounded corners and elastic closure, ivory-colored, 70 g/m², acid-free ruled paper, matching bookmark ribbon, themed stickers and endpapers, expandable inner pocket in the back, 'In case of loss' notice printed on the flyleaf, reusable themed paperband B-SIDE featuring additional printed tools, lies flat, opens at 180°, the history of Moleskine is inside.