Batman Justice League Limited Edition


Brand : Caran d'Ache


Each detail is inspired by Batman’s costume

  • Combination of different lacquer finishes: translucent and satin-finish
  • Combination of different engravings
  • Attributes with black ceramic coating, PVD application. PVD: (physical vapour deposition). Cutting-edge technology for applying the ceramic coating which ensures optimum adherence of the material. The ceramic is non-corrodible and extremely resistant to friction.
  • Chevron pattern on the brass body and cap. Cutter-engraved then coated with translucent black lacquer with a satin finish.
  • The ends of the cap and body are smooth and coated in black satin-finish lacquer.
  • Cap button carrying the new Caran d’Ache identification (grey-black lacquered hexagon).
  • The pen ring is laser-engraved with the Swiss Made & Caran d’Ache labels and also carries the DCTM trademark as well as the indication S17
  • Roller pen fitted with a fine tip roller cartridge (F); can also be used with a fibre cartridge (F, M).
  • Fountain pen nib in 18-carat gold, treated by PVD, to ensure remarkable fluidity and writing comfort thanks to the properties of gold and the PVD.
  • This edition is not numbered 

Caran d’Ache has joined forces with the superheroes of the Justice League to create a range of legendary writing instruments. To celebrate these iconic superheroes, the craftsmen of the Geneva-based company have pooled their know-how to face a number of extraordinary technical challenges. Style, audacity, power and timelessness… the Justice League special edition from Caran d’Ache reveals the super powers hidden deep inside each and every one of us...