R&K Schreibtinte FP Ink 50ml Alt-Bordeaux


Rohrer & Klingner inks feature quality and brilliant colourants, mixed with specially treated water and minimal additives. This well-balanced composition of materials results in optimal cappiliarity of the inks and a smooth writing experience. The Schreibtinte inks are suitable for fountain pens, quills, and other calligraphy pens. No animal raw materials are used to produce these inks. On most writing surfaces (especially paper), the ink adheres well and adheres quickly. Each of the inks are treated with high quality and pleasant dies, that fueature both a high brilliance and a well-balanced intensity. The iron gall inks especially intensify when it oxidises with air. These inks are considered permanent and archivally safe. Calligraphy writing sample by Nicola Denuell.