LAMY Safari 2019 Pastel Mint 336 RB


Introducing the LAMY special edition safari pastel rollerball pen in Mint. Timeless design, perfect ergonomics.The iconic LAMY Safari range incorporates functional modern design with a lightweight, durable plastic to create a reliable, robust, classic pen suitable for beginners and experts alike. Initially designed for students, the Safari rapidly became a staple for pen lovers of all ages. With a click-cap mechanism for effortless usability and distinctive recessed grip that ensures comfort and correct positioning of the fingers during long note-taking sessions, the Safari is the perfect companion for the everyday writer. Clipping is a breeze with a characteristic wide metal clip that won't catch on fabrics. Available in a range of classic and vibrant colours to start your collection, with special edition colours are released each year. Shiny green sturdy plastic / metal clip / ergonomic grip / with LAMY M 63 blue washable rollerball refill.