KOKUYO Harinacs Staple-less Stapler 5sh Pink


  • Brand: KOKUYO Japan
  • Product Code: SLN-MSH205-S11
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Tags: Staplers

Whether for private or business use. For tidy or chaotic types. Paper is stapled every day at practically every desk in the Western World – even though we have all gone digital. It’s a part of office life we all take for granted. The HARINACS products manufactured by the Japanese company KOKUYO won‘t change this, but they can make it so much easier. No-one likes spending money on things they don‘t need, do they? Staples may not be the most expensive product on the market, but depending on how many you need, it can add up over time. Time is also an important factor these days and our staple-less staplers can save you so much time! Whether it’s refilling, purchasing, posting, the time you spend going to the shop or simply finding out the right size… All yesterday‘s news with KOKUYO‘s HARINACS staplers.